New for 2022 at Kelowna Springs

After a busy and challenging year, Kelowna Springs is beginning to wind down our 2021 season as well as forecast what 2022 will bring. We always strive to maintain the course to a level that allows for a great experience and the desire to return and play again. The next items are goals and tasks that we will implement in attempt to improve playing conditions… Read more »

Kelowna Springs Year End-Plan 2021

To wrap up what has been a very busy but productive year, we have 3 major tasks to finish of 2021. Finish off the project on #1 tee Our goal with this project was to re-establish a solid pond wall bank, alter some of the growing medium of the tee decks, the irrigation surrounding the area, as well as develop a nice showcase hardscape as… Read more »

Hole 3

Are You Ready for Golf Season?

It’s an exciting time for avid golfers. With golf season right around the corner, it’s time to prepare yourself before dropping the tee in the ground for the first time this year. Here are some tips from General Manager, Sam Pridham, to get you ready.   Cardio – If you’ve been less active over the winter than throughout the warmer months, it would be a… Read more »

Golf Canada Benefits

Golf Canada – New Benefits BLOG Entry – May 12, 2018 A colleague of mine in the golf industry had a standard response for members of the golfing public who, on occasion, would either make incorrect assumptions or assertions while interacting in to the golf shop. “You know, a little self-education can go a long way”, he would frequently opine. Heeding his advice, I spent… Read more »

Back 9 Breakfast Special – 25+ years!

Back 9 Breakfast Special – 25+ years ! Can a 9-hole golf special be worthy of a story?  I think this is a unique golf business story with roots that go back to Stony Plain, Alberta in 1992 – my first year as the GM at a golf course.   While it is now a relatively frequent practice, the idea of sending golfers off the ‘back… Read more »

Early Golf Season Preparation

How are You Preparing for Early Season Golf? Many among the addicted Okanagan Valley golf community have been lamenting of late about the manner in which Mother Nature has conspired against an early start to our golf season. In past years, many of us would have had a dozen rounds under our belts. Alas, not this year! – but it won’t be long now! When… Read more »

Thoughts on Clubhead Speed

Thoughts on Clubhead Speed The off-season is a terrific time to make adjustments. For me, I am working on changing how I place my hands on the golf club. Ok, it’s my “grip”. During my teaching days years ago, I always tried to avoid using the term “grip” because I didn’t like the connotation. In many cases, I would watch golfers place their hands on… Read more »

Alignment & Your Dominant Eye

Alignment & Your Dominant Eye For many years, I enjoyed teaching. The hours of driving range and golf course interactions were always something I took seriously. In 2011, I applied to the RCGA (Golf Canada) for reinstatement as an amateur golfer. Walking away from the lesson tee was a personal choice, but that didn’t mean that I automatically lost all of the knowledge I had… Read more »

Playgolf Kelowna

Play Golf Kelowna – since 1999

The History of Play Golf Kelowna After 17 golf seasons of being one of the central contributors to the Play Golf Kelowna collective, one of the biggest surprises to people is to learn that Play Golf Kelowna is not a business, or any kind of legal entity at all. In the fall of 1998, the concept was born when I sat down with two other… Read more »