New Golf Season!

New Golf Season!   Coming off of a great 2018 for turf conditions, weather, camaraderie and enjoyment, we prepare and plan for the 2019 Season with excitement.  Having the full support from our membership was also key in making it a great season. We have been able to perform several “big” on course tasks with very little set back to play. Some examples of this… Read more »

Feeling the Pressure?

Feeling the Pressure? During the past off-season, I wrote in this blog space about “grip pressure”. I spent the better part of the winter months ensuring I had a golf club in my hands as frequently as possible, primarily to maintain familiarity and feel. The two keys for me were: The placement of my hands on the golf club – to establish a new, “stronger”… Read more »


Rakes You may think rakes are a boring topic, and not worthy of a one or two minute read. When golfers show up to play in the morning, the grounds crew has often freshly raked the bunkers (either by machine, or by hand). Ideally, the rakes are placed in the middle of the bunker to make it easier for the golfer to ‘rake their way… Read more »

Goose Management

Kelowna Springs Goose Management As we all are aware, geese can be a nuisance.  They can distract one from enjoying their golf experience. They can be a safety concern, as – like any animal, they will protect themselves when cornered. We do our best throughout the season to tidy up their messes. This ranges from mowing the tuffs of grass, to removing their droppings and… Read more »

A Year of Extremes

A Year of Extremes 2017 has had some extreme weather patterns thus far – from high volumes of snow, to heavy rains, to extreme heat and to smoke cover.  As daunting as it seems, we feel that it confirms which of our practices are sound, and where we need to make adjustments to really dial in the conditions of the golf course. With the high… Read more »

A View from the Crew

Growing Appreciation As an avid player, and now as a course maintenance worker, my appreciation for golf just keeps growing (like turf). Dad bought me my first set of clubs in England when I was about 12. I recall playing a few rounds at pitch-n-putts there. Then back in Canada as a teenager I played a little at the Wildwood golf course in Saskatoon. It… Read more »

Spring Aeration Strategy – 2017

Spring Aeration Strategy – 2017 This past fall/winter/spring has seen the most snow and rain on our property in awhile. As we watched this, we didn’t see issues arise with puddling on the greens surfaces. We went over our last physical properties tests and sure enough, what we were seeing was backed up by science. This means by doing our aggressive cultural practices these past… Read more »

Owner’s Perspective – This is Spring?

Owner’s Perspective – This is Spring? As we all know, weather is usually an enjoyable conversation starter – be it in the coffee shop, the gym, around the dinner table, or in weekly management meetings. At Kelowna Springs Golf Club, I have never seen our management crew more frustrated – and it is entirely due to the unique challenges the spring of 2017 has presented…. Read more »

A Challenging Spring

A Challenging Spring at Kelowna Springs in 2017 This spring has been a challenging one indeed for opening. We are at the tail end of what many locals say is one of the longest winters in recent memory. The last snow fall came in the morning of March 13th and added to the 10-12 inches which was still on the ground. This is a view… Read more »