Our ponds offer more than just a nice view!

Have you ever wondered how the water quality is maintained?

Last year we installed a bio boost, sub-surface, aerator system to our 5th hole pond to increase the water’s oxygen. The aerator system uses the power of oxygen to achieve clean, healthy pond water.

Here’s why:

  • An aerator adds air at the bottom of the water column where it is needed most
  • As the air bubbles rise, the oxygen inside them has the best opportunity to diffuse into the surrounding water
  • That rising column of air circulates the water vertically within the pond by lifting oxygen-poor water from the bottom and by bringing it to the surface. 
  • A larger diffuser surface area creates a larger “zone of influence” and also moderates water temperature
  • Aeration enhances the performance of our bacterial treatment. Healthy water doesn’t need chemicals to maintain its natural balance.
If you’d like to know more about our ponds, stop and ask Gil or one of our team members next time you are out.

Watch for some of our other on-course projects this summer. Throughout July and August we will be doing drainage work on the 9th and 17th fairways to help with heavy rain events and shoulder season play. We will also be working on the 2nd fairway if time allows.

In the fall we will continue with bunker work starting with hole # 12 (greenside) then moving through fairway bunkers on # 5/6, #2 and #17 as time allows.