Pond Maintenance at Kelowna Springs

Our ponds offer more than just a nice view! Have you ever wondered how the water quality is maintained? Last year we installed a bio boost, sub-surface, aerator system to our 5th hole pond to increase the water’s oxygen. The aerator system uses the power of oxygen to achieve clean, healthy pond water. Here’s why: An aerator adds air at the bottom of the water… Read more »

Bunker Restoration at Kelowna Springs

As a follow up to our blog about the Naturalization of Kelowna Springs Golf Course we also wanted to share with our golfers our goals and plans for bunker restoration. Although the new rules of golf changes now allow us to ground our clubs in the bunker, we still aren’t allowed to take a practice swing to test the feel of the sand. We also… Read more »

Naturalizing Kelowna Springs

In order to continue and grow our strong commitment toward environment stewardship, Kelowna Springs started a course naturalization project in the fall of 2014 and we are not alone. According to a recent USGA funded survey 46% of US golf courses are increasing their average of naturalized areas. Naturalizing areas on a golf course is not simply for the purpose of easier maintenance. At Kelowna… Read more »

Hole 3

Are You Ready for Golf Season?

It’s an exciting time for avid golfers. With golf season right around the corner, it’s time to prepare yourself before dropping the tee in the ground for the first time this year. Here are some tips from General Manager, Sam Pridham, to get you ready.   Cardio – If you’ve been less active over the winter than throughout the warmer months, it would be a… Read more »