Golf Canada - New Benefits

BLOG Entry – May 12, 2018

A colleague of mine in the golf industry had a standard response for members of the golfing public who, on occasion, would either make incorrect assumptions or assertions while interacting in to the golf shop.

“You know, a little self-education can go a long way”, he would frequently opine.

Heeding his advice, I spent some time on the GolfCanada website and came across a new bit of information.

Did you know that GolfCanada offers its gold members a number of interesting protections?

Have you ever damaged a power cart?

Have you ever hit a golf ball off the golf course and damaged a window?

In these cases, it would seem logical to suggest that personal responsibility should probably rule the day, but there is protection available that more than likely exists well below the radar.

Has your golf equipment ever been stolen or damaged?

Again, there may be some financial assistance available.

When you log in to your personal profile on the Golf Canada website, something folks will generally do to post a score, take the time to surf around and locate the “Member Benefits” section.

We’ll even make it easy by providing the link. Just click right here.


While these protections may not get a person completely off the hook, it’s comforting to know there can be ways to soften the blow.

Sure, there might always be those involved in an interaction who would choose to call my colleague’s oft-used comment a bit snarky, but I know that was never his intention. Sober second thought would seem to confirm the concept.

Indeed, a little self-education can go a long way.

It worked for me!


Glen Erickson, Assistant Golf Shop Manager