It’s an exciting time for avid golfers. With golf season right around the corner, it's time to prepare yourself before dropping the tee in the ground for the first time this year.

Here are some tips from General Manager, Sam Pridham, to get you ready.


Cardio – If you’ve been less active over the winter than throughout the warmer months, it would be a good idea to start off with some easy walks, some yoga or some very easy exercises. Finding what works for you might take a little trial and error, but the point is to come up with a routine that works for you and then stick to it. Your body will appreciate your for it.


Stretch – The first thing you should do when you plop that bag down beside your bucket of range balls or practice green is to stretch out. There are a zillion ways to accomplish this in just a few minutes, and in doing this you will reduce your chance of injury. Take care of yourself. If you want to see a tour pro stretch out, check out Miguel Angel Jimenez’s routine.


Equipment Check - Get your golf bag out of the garage and do a thorough inventory on the contents of your bag. What condition is your gear in?

  • Are your clubs clean and ready for action?
  • Do your grips need some TLC? Or perhaps it’s time to consider re-gripping? Give them a good soapy wash and see how tacky they become again. If they’re still slick, consider new grips.
  • What state is your glove in? Maybe time to get a fresh one for opening day. If you do, save the old one for a rainy day.

Short Game – My short game often needs the most attention compared to other areas of my game when coming back from a period of time off from the game. So, the first few weeks that you have the ability to get out there and make use of the local practice green – get out there and put the leg work in. Remember to practice with purpose, and have fun with it.


We have been planning throughout the winter to bring you another terrific golf season for 2020.

Did you know that 2020 marks our 30th anniversary of operation?


We have adjusted some of our special golf nights and will be launching Early Twilight Mondays. Check out all of the 2020 Golf Specials.

We have also added a few Legends Classic Grill options to keep you golfing, and dining, with us all season long. Tuesday nights will now feature Pizza as well as Pasta and our Date Night Specials will now be combinable with Nine & Dine to expand your date night into a date afternoon and evening! Find out more about 2020 at Legends Classic Grill. 


We look forward to welcoming you back at the club soon!


In the mean time, please give Sam at call at 250-765-4653 or send any of our team members an email with any questions about the upcoming season.