How are You Preparing for Early Season Golf?

Many among the addicted Okanagan Valley golf community have been lamenting of late about the manner in which Mother Nature has conspired against an early start to our golf season.

In past years, many of us would have had a dozen rounds under our belts. Alas, not this year! – but it won’t be long now!

When the golf courses are able to allow our unbridled enthusiasm to rule the day, will you be ready?

How have you been handling the time on your hands these past few weeks?

How do you prepare yourself to play golf early in the season?

Remember that the “golf experience” during the early part of the season can be less favourable while weather conditions begin to improve. Are you ready for a round of golf when temperatures in the morning hover around plus-5 degrees with winds of 15km per hour?

Make sure you are physically capable of withstanding the rigours of both your golf swing early in the season, along with the cool temperatures and playing conditions.

If you make the time for stretching at home, ensure your regimen addresses any specific areas of concern that are unique to your body.

During my teaching days in Alberta years ago, I would routinely offer that one is far better off being healthy and not playing golf, rather than a golf related injury having an impact on everyday life. Having dealt with a few physical ailments myself over the years, I continue to stand by the assertion to this day.

I have a series of stretches posted in my basement at home and while I am not always as diligent as I should be, a number of the movements and positions work for me. A few minutes each day should help golfers to give themselves the best opportunity to play golf without physical pain and suffering.

Note that any mental anguish caused by poor play is entirely another matter!

Give these stretches a review and if you find a few that help you…great!

The bottom line is this: a little early season preparation will go along way toward ensuring you get off to a good start.

We hope you to see you all soon and look forward to a long and rewarding golf season.


Glen Erickson, Assistant Golf Shop Manager