Memberships at Kelowna Springs

Golf Club Membership at Kelowna Springs offers numerous benefits and options at excellent rates. Find all the Kelowna Springs membership details here.

Kelowna Springs Golf Club is a semi-private facility, and requires new Members to acquire a transferable playing license from a current Member wishing to sell their playing license. The Club does not offer season passes or Member benefits in any other form.

In the early 1990's, 225 transferable playing licenses were issued - some for single golfers and some for couples. As of October 17, 2014 all couple memberships have been converted to Double Memberships. Pre-existing single memberships have an option to upgrade to Double Membership, but all Memberships transferred after October 17, 2014 will be transferred as a Double Membership.

Double Membership Format

Our flexible Double Membership model offers members more choice than ever before on an annual basis. A Double Membership can be in the name of a single individual, or in both prospective members names. Each Double Membership can have either one or two individuals play as a Member each year.

Each golfing season, each Member can individually choose between THREE options - Unlimited Play Membership, Occasional Golfer Membership, or Social Golfer Membership - there is an appropriate annual option for every playing habit - see below for details.

In addition to the information presented here, you can download single page 'topic specific' files by clicking on the links below:

  • DOUBLE Membership - Each playing license allows either one OR two people to be a member
    • Annual choices for each Member include:
      • Unlimited Play Membership (optimal choice for Members who play approximately 45 or more rounds annually)
      • Occasional Golfer Membership (targeted at Members who play less than 40 games per season)
      • Social Golfer Membership (ideal choice for Members who play as few as 7 rounds in a season)
  • Tee time access through a 14 day advance online booking system (approximately 65% of prime morning times are held for Members)
  • Internet availability to view and book your tee times at any computer
  • BCGA Handicap card
  • Reduced rates for guests
  • Weekly league play
    • Tuesday AM is Ladies Day (Members only)
    • Wednesday AM is Senior Men’s Day (Members only)
    • Thursday is Men’s Day (Members & public)
  • Additional club events for Members only
    • Opening, summer & closing Member weekend scrambles
    • Men’s and Ladies interclub & other special events within each division
    • Two day Club Championship in late August (event has multiple flights to ensure fun for all)
  • Optional Charge Privileges (charged monthly to credit card)
  • Transferable Membership
  • Medical Leave Benefits
    • Members receive a credit for extended periods of time missed due to medical concerns
    • Can access a reduced annual commitment in a year where the Member anticipates missing the entire season due to health
Kelowna Springs Golf Club Memberships
Kelowna Springs Membership Benefits
Kelowna Springs Membership Benefits
Kelowna Springs Double Memberships
Kelowna Springs Membership Options

CURRENT # OF LICENSES FOR SALE (Updated January 3, 2022)

There are 0 transferable playing licenses available for purchase. Price of licenses adjusts based on how many are available for sale at any given time (currently $2750). We currently have 14 people waiting for a license to become available.


  • To get on a waitlist to join the course, please speak to Sam Pridham or Sam Striker by directing an email to

1+ available = $2,750

5+ = $2,500

10 + = $2,250

15 + = $2,010

20+ = $1,770

2022 Annual Dues

Unlimited Play

From $2,261.60
  • Male: $2,261.60
  • Female: $2,264.75
  • Golf: Unlimited

Occasional Golfer

From $1,134.10
  • Male: $1,134.10
  • Female: $1,137.25
  • Golf: $1025 golf credit draws down at $45 am, $38 from 1pm for 18 holes & $37 am, $32 after 1pm for 9 hole play (plus GST)

Social Golfer

From $489.10
  • Male: $489.10
  • Female: $492.25
  • Golf: Golf: $380.00 golf credit draws down at $50 am, $45 from 1pm for 18 holes & $40 am, $35 after 1pm for 9 hole play (plus GST)

Fees above include GST, $65 Society Fee, $45.15 BCGA fee and - for ladies, a $3.15 District 3 Fee.

(All three of these Society / Association fees are subject to change.)

Complete 2022 Dues available here (PDF download)

Society Board Contacts

President - Keith Bishop - 250-717-0689,

Director - Sam Pridham - 250-765-4653, ext 313