A Year of Extremes

A Year of Extremes 2017 has had some extreme weather patterns thus far – from high volumes of snow, to heavy rains, to extreme heat and to smoke cover.  As daunting as it seems, we feel that it confirms which of our practices are sound, and where we need to make adjustments to really dial in the conditions of the golf course. With the high… Read more »

PINNACLE Golf Balls: Under Valued or Under Rated?

Finding Value in Golf Ball Fitting The Pinnacle brand has long been a part of the golf industry landscape, a leader in the value segment of the golf ball market. For the golfer who prioritizes distance, feel and durability at a more affordable price point, Pinnacle probably fits the bill. The Pinnacle family of golf balls is engineered by the Acushnet Company’s R&D and Operations… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Equipment

Taking Care of Your Equipment I imagine all of us can agree that our equipment package is pretty important. It’s probably safe to assume, gentlemen, that as individuals we’ve certainly all paid attention to our different clubs, shafts, bags and balls over the years. It’s important to protect our valuables, isn’t it? Well, the folks at 2UNDR have given plenty of time and consideration to… Read more »

A View from the Crew

Growing Appreciation As an avid player, and now as a course maintenance worker, my appreciation for golf just keeps growing (like turf). Dad bought me my first set of clubs in England when I was about 12. I recall playing a few rounds at pitch-n-putts there. Then back in Canada as a teenager I played a little at the Wildwood golf course in Saskatoon. It… Read more »