Chill out with FootJoy Performance Outerwear

Chill out with FootJoy Performance Outerwear If you’re still feeling a bit of a chill these days, during those early morning rounds or late in the day, FootJoy has a couple of products that can help you to stay warm and comfortable on the golf course. Adding a bunch of heavy layers to stay warm is always an option. However, the weight and the bulk… Read more »

Owner’s Perspective – This is Spring?

Owner’s Perspective – This is Spring? As we all know, weather is usually an enjoyable conversation starter – be it in the coffee shop, the gym, around the dinner table, or in weekly management meetings. At Kelowna Springs Golf Club, I have never seen our management crew more frustrated – and it is entirely due to the unique challenges the spring of 2017 has presented…. Read more »

A Challenging Spring

A Challenging Spring at Kelowna Springs in 2017 This spring has been a challenging one indeed for opening. We are at the tail end of what many locals say is one of the longest winters in recent memory. The last snow fall came in the morning of March 13th and added to the 10-12 inches which was still on the ground. This is a view… Read more »

Legends Classic Grill Duffer Dollars Dinner

Menu Plans for 2017

Food & Beverage Planning for 2017 The 2017 season is off to a late start, however Executive Chef Brad and I have been hard at work since January working on a menu that would continue to meet the standards of our members and guests while focusing on creating items that would appeal to a wide variety of needs. This is always a challenge as everyone… Read more »