Goose Management

Kelowna Springs Goose Management As we all are aware, geese can be a nuisance.  They can distract one from enjoying their golf experience. They can be a safety concern, as – like any animal, they will protect themselves when cornered. We do our best throughout the season to tidy up their messes. This ranges from mowing the tuffs of grass, to removing their droppings and… Read more »

Thoughts on Clubhead Speed

Thoughts on Clubhead Speed The off-season is a terrific time to make adjustments. For me, I am working on changing how I place my hands on the golf club. Ok, it’s my “grip”. During my teaching days years ago, I always tried to avoid using the term “grip” because I didn’t like the connotation. In many cases, I would watch golfers place their hands on… Read more »

Alignment & Your Dominant Eye

Alignment & Your Dominant Eye For many years, I enjoyed teaching. The hours of driving range and golf course interactions were always something I took seriously. In 2011, I applied to the RCGA (Golf Canada) for reinstatement as an amateur golfer. Walking away from the lesson tee was a personal choice, but that didn’t mean that I automatically lost all of the knowledge I had… Read more »

A Year of Extremes

A Year of Extremes 2017 has had some extreme weather patterns thus far – from high volumes of snow, to heavy rains, to extreme heat and to smoke cover.  As daunting as it seems, we feel that it confirms which of our practices are sound, and where we need to make adjustments to really dial in the conditions of the golf course. With the high… Read more »