Taking Care of Your Equipment

Taking Care of Your Equipment I imagine all of us can agree that our equipment package is pretty important. It’s probably safe to assume, gentlemen, that as individuals we’ve certainly all paid attention to our different clubs, shafts, bags and balls over the years. It’s important to protect our valuables, isn’t it? Well, the folks at 2UNDR have given plenty of time and consideration to… Read more »

A View from the Crew

Growing Appreciation As an avid player, and now as a course maintenance worker, my appreciation for golf just keeps growing (like turf). Dad bought me my first set of clubs in England when I was about 12. I recall playing a few rounds at pitch-n-putts there. Then back in Canada as a teenager I played a little at the Wildwood golf course in Saskatoon. It… Read more »

Spring Aeration Strategy – 2017

Spring Aeration Strategy – 2017 This past fall/winter/spring has seen the most snow and rain on our property in awhile. As we watched this, we didn’t see issues arise with puddling on the greens surfaces. We went over our last physical properties tests and sure enough, what we were seeing was backed up by science. This means by doing our aggressive cultural practices these past… Read more »

Chill out with FootJoy Performance Outerwear

Chill out with FootJoy Performance Outerwear If you’re still feeling a bit of a chill these days, during those early morning rounds or late in the day, FootJoy has a couple of products that can help you to stay warm and comfortable on the golf course. Adding a bunch of heavy layers to stay warm is always an option. However, the weight and the bulk… Read more »